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Cosmetology Program

BMC_Hair_PO_01_V4 (2) Course Breakdown

Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts was created to bring to you a different experience in education. Our classes are small in size so that we can focus on individualized training. Our goal is to develop top stylists in the industry who are capable of delivering some of the most sought after hair styling, coloring, precision  cutting, weaving, extension and wig making  techniques on the market today. We are dedicated to teaching and preparing students to enter the field and be further advanced than their counterparts from other institutions. Our mission is to graduate the elite and continue to live up to our reputation of training Top Stylists in the industry. Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts to the beauty industry is like the Harvard of the Universities.

Students undertake demanding intellectual pursuits with their teachers and peers, not only do they learn to implement procedures but they learn how to articulate why they are performing the procedure. Students are required to explain in their own words the techniques in which they learn, analyze client situations and be able to explain the procedure to the client in an intelligent manner.  Our Classrooms are about dialogue, inquiry and critical thinking, as well as implementing healthy procedures and techniques. Students will learn to express their creativity through clear thought and design. Students will be well prepared to enter into the field of cosmetology as leaders in this industry and separate themselves from all competitors. This is an outstanding opportunity and by far the best educational value in the nation. Students will learn hands on skills, and a superior education from the very best educators in the industry.



Our Expectations of You– At the college, you will become immersed in a collaborative and motivating environment. To make the most of your educational experience, we can provide you with all the necessary knowledge, means, and connections, but the key ingredients to your success lie with you. If you can demonstrate a constant discipline to your studies, a respectful, open attitude and approach to your peers and instructors, and an absolute commitment to be your best, you will succeed. Learn to reach our expectations and to exceed your own.


The Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts Diploma – After successfully completing 1500 hours of training, the academic criteria and fulfilling your financial obligations and requisite hours of attendance, you will receive a Diploma. This Diploma is recognized as a first class standard of excellence in education and training. In addition to earning a diploma you will have the skills and knowledge you need to successfully pass the State Board of Cosmetology to obtain your state license.