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Course Breakdown

During your 1500 hours of training students will learn through practical and theory how to implement the following procedures:


Shampooing and shampoo massage techniques

Hair and scalp conditioning

Basic and advanced blow drying

Haircutting and advanced haircutting

Cutting procedures for texturing the hair

Layering, graduated shapes, one length cuts

Long hair design

Cutting tools, scissors, razors,...

Styling tools, blowdryers, curling and flat irons...

Perming and perm wraps

Perm products and procedures

Chemical texturizing

Chemical relaxation and straightening  

Thermal straightening techniques

Color formulas and color charts

Color correction

Color application



Creating texture with foils, special f/x placement, zoning

Freehand color

Advanced color theory

Finishing techniques

Styling procedures and techniques

Roller setting, fingerwaves, pincurls

Hair Weaving, Hair  extensions and additions

Men’s haircutting

Razors, clippers

Hair Laying



Eyelash Extensions

Hair pieces

Wigs - blocking, cleaning and maintenance


Natural and synthetic hair

Hair competitions

Platform artists

Photoshoots and fashion editorials

Fashion shows  

Fashion trends and styles

Entrepreneurial skills

Effective communication skills

Client consultation

Developing and retaining your clientele

Client product recommendations  

Inventory control

Retail sales and merchandising

Promotions and marketing  

Student website creation

Starting a Beauty Business/ Salon/ Concierge

Marketing 101 - Social Networking

Career networking and introduction to salon owners and managers

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