"NEW" 1 Day Private Hands-on Class – Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts

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"NEW" 1 Day Private Hands-on Class

"NEW" 1 Day Private Hands-on Class

Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts
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(If you are a beginner please register for a 4-week class. This one day class is not for beginners)


You may choose any two techniques from the programs below and train all day privately one-on-one with our certified instructors. Out of town travelers please call the school (877) 219-2229 for assistance in airport and hotel accommodations.

* The 1 Hour" Braid-less Sewn-in Extensions
* Cold fusions (Micro-linking)
* Taped in Hair Extensions healthy and safe

*Learn how to create, 1 hand-made wig using 1 HD frontal 13x4 and 1 closure using 4X4 - (1 class)

* Basic Braiding/ Feeder Cornrows
* Crochet
* Faux Locs
* Box Braid/ Kinky Twist
* Senegalese Twist

In Addition:

You will learn the skills you need to build and maintain a customer base. You will learn in theory how to troubleshoot procedures, how to problem solve all hair types, how to provide the installment techniques in more than one method of attachment, from license and certified professional instructors.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own kit, mannequin and stand, pen, and, notepad. The student will receive certification upon successful completion of training. There will be homework and repetition required by your instructor for each class.


  • Ongoing technical support via email and closed Facebook group
  • Hands-on professional level training 

We provide full theory and knowledge on each technique and procedure. You will learn how to consult your client, pricing, troubleshooting procedures, pros and cons of each technique, proper maintenance and care of each technique and so much more!

We have class locations in 23 states! Book your private class here first, we will then schedule your instructor, date, and location. (KITS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY) 


For more assistance, you may call or text 877-219-2229