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Master Business Classes

Stylists will have a thorough understanding of where their business is today and a step by step process of how to take their business to the next level. These courses are designed to give you a blueprint of how to market, brand, manage and operate your business in the new millennium. Watch as Marcella reveals all of her secrets from getting media coverage, finding investors, marketing tricks, to boosting your business in 24 hours, and so much more.
Marcella will cover topics that include:
* Business Development, Marketing and, Management
* Customer Relations
* Establishing a Brand/ Public Relations and the Media Press
* Marketing using social networking, affiliate marketing, ambassadors and influencers,  Internet Marketing, Print and Media Marketing, Email Marketing
* Marketing on a small budget. How to make something out of nothing
* How to quickly turn investment into profit
* Advertising effectively on a small to medium budget
* Employee Management- Customer Service Skills
* Web site development overview/ SEO optimization
* Customer financing options- top three companies that will finance your customer services and products
* Creating loyalty programs, giveaways, contest,
* Creating a mobile app for your brand
* Geo-fencing/ beacons
* Creating membership clubs for your customers
* Selling packages and accepting advanced payment plans for your customers
* How to scale and multiply
* Understanding profit margins, KPI ( key performance indicators), customer retention, CAC (customer acquisition cost) growth strategy, ROI
* Understanding funnels and call to action
* Understanding product-market fit and customer demand
* Financing Your Business
* Hiring Talent and employee retention
* Accounting and Record Keeping

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