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Partner Salons/Schools


If you own a salon and you have room to train, fill out the application below. We want you to host classes in your location. Become a certified instructor for Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts. We will schedule classes in your salon on Sundays 12pm -4pm.

- Earn free training and become a certified instructor.

- We pay you to teach others.

- Join our education team.

- Make good use of your salon during slow periods.

FIll out the application below, we want to know more about you and your business.  For more information please give us a call 877-219-2229 


Become a Host or Become a Partner Certified Training Center? 

Become a Host: (sign up for free) We must be able to use your salon on Sundays and your space must have a table and at least 10 chairs seated at the table, ample lighting, and free parking. We will approve you as a host if your salon or school meet certain standards. Recommended for small salons with an owner-operator. 

- Your first training class is free of charge. We train the owner of the salon. We will host a class in your location along with up to 9 other students. Your training will be free of charge in exchange for using your space.
- If you qualify to teach (see careers) after your first free training, we train you to become a certified instructor.
- We pay you $40 per hour to teach others and $10 per student monthly for use of space.
- Join our education and training team.
Note:  We have a waiting list to become a host. Our first priority is working with our partners. As a host, we do not promote your location or business. We do not send students to you or your business for training. All students are students of Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts and are trained by our education team. 


Become a Certified Training Center:
(Partner fee starts at $6,500 salon and $8,500 school
International fee Salon- NEW DISCOUNTED PRICE - $4,500.00) FINANCING AVAILABLE- We accept payment plans - $1,500 deposit

- You will receive 3 days of intense hands-on training with our Master Educators for 2 of your salon staff members/ 3 school staff members. If you wish to train more of your staff additional cost may apply.
- We advertise and promote your location as a certified training facility.
- You will receive all the training manuals, curriculum, and marketing materials. (School materials are more in depth) 
- You will receive our Master pro kit for your salon or school back bar- 
- Receive 50% off of our premium human hair collection and maintenance products. This will bring in additional revenue retailing products 
- You will charge students $1,200 and up for their 4-week certification training. You will earn a positive ROI on your investment with your first class. You may advertise and promote to your own clientele, student body, and future prospects. 
- We assist you in advertising and marketing, we send you new students.
- We have already seen a 60% rise in enrollment for 2019 
- We offer 4 different training programs that are in high demand- Braiders Program, Hair Weaver's Program, Hair Extension Program, Wig Maker's Program
- Schools, we help set up your menu and intake for clinic floor services. 
- Schools, we set up your initial intake and student files. 
- Schools, we also track each student. (Each Student Certificate will have a serial number which you are granted access to view their job placement or track their career path. We also allow all Pro graduates the ability to control their businesses through our mobile app and join our mobile styling team. We can track their service sales and product sales throughout their career. We teach them through the mobile app how to conduct their business, pay their taxes and increase their revenue. This will help you with Title IV reporting and reporting the success of your graduates to new enrollees.)     


For more information or to speak with our Director of  Operations, please call 877-219-2229