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Cosmetology School Partner Program

Graduating students with skills that are in high demand!

Private Facebook Group

Learn online by reviewing chapters with our online community of instructors, video tutorials and live sessions. Chat amongst other professionals, students and peers.

Free Book Club

With the purchase of every textbook there is a special code allowing students a chance to join our free Facebook book club!

Why our school partner program?

Increase student enrollment

Hair weaving, hair extensions, and wig-making skills are in significant demand. These services are the most requested in salons today. Now your students will have an opportunity to graduate with these additional skills. Separate your school from competitors by offering additional skills that are in demand.   

Increase employment opportunity for graduates

Equip your students with the skills they need to succeed in the hair industry. Learning these skills will drastically increase the income of each cosmetologist making them more attractive for employment to salon owners.


Increase your Clinic Floor Services

We assist with training your staff and students to deliver these services to customers. Increse your clinic floor sales immediatley by offering higher priced services.

What's in the book?

-Step-by-step Diagrams
-Consultation Forms/ Customer Release Forms
-Pricing Structure
-Installations and removal
-Frequently asked questions
-Troubleshooting procedures
-Pros and Cons of each procedure
-Healthy Hair Care Tips
-Professional tools, and suppliers

And So much more!

*With the purchase of each book the ID tag allows each student a chance to join our free online book club!

Become a Professional Haircare Product Retailer

Marcella Ellis Signature Products are exclusively sold by professional salons, schools, and distributors. Regenerating proteins, amino acids, biotin, and healthy natural hair formulas specifically created to promote and stimulate growth. Our products are for all hair types.
We separate ourselves from other product companies by offering superior professional products, 24-hour support, continuous classes, seminars, and one-on-one distributor attention.

Nurturing Partners

We work with you to ensure success for your salon, retail and or school business!
Marcella Ellis Pro has a team of 150 nationwide educators that deliver a personal touch to our brand retailers. Our educators visit salons and schools, providing free demonstrations on product knowledge and inspirational speeches to students/stylists on a monthly basis.
Our educators teach advanced hair extensions, hair weaving, braiding, and wig making skills, to keep our audience excited and motivated.
With the enormous amount of support we provide, we want to guarantee that you win!
We look forward to working with you and want to expedite your first order today!

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Flyers and Marketing Materials

Can't fit wholesale orders in your budget? Allow us to send marketing materials to your entire student population and we will pay a 5-10% commision on every sale. We will create a partnership where we will send marketing materials and or educators to your school to provide demos and information on our books and products.

Have questions?

Taris Pittman- Director of Marketing-

"We are passionate about creating success in the Cosmetology Industry, one Stylist at a time."


Our Professional Retail and Education Partners

Our professional products and classes are located in 556
SalonCentric Locations nationwide!

Our consumer products are located in 900 Sally beauty store
locations nationwide!


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